Jeremy Clarkson ice bucket challenge -

Jeremy Clarkson ice bucket challenge

Jeremy Clarkson takes the ice bucket challenge… in his sleep

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  • Bengt Granhus
    • FreqMod

      rofl…i can’t believe they went through so much trouble.


  • θάνος


  • TotalKillerz


    • Simon Hewitt

      that was him nominating Peirs Morgan and David Cameron

      • Mr. Enforcer

        Dunno if he’d nominate Cameron, Clarkson’s a big Tory supporter.

        • Simon Hewitt

          Maybe OFCOM then?

        • RoB68

          Piers Morgan and Nick Clegg then.

      • Will Inners

        No if he meant them, he would of said worthless pieces of shit.

      • mark

        David Cameron for the win !! nothing wrong with him

    • Rorossi

      somebody should make that into a ringtone xD

  • MichaelF120

    LOL Nice.

  • Ryan Vorster


  • David Pickles

    he didn’t nominate so needs to do it again.. also jeremy you might want to stop your son smoking ans well as your self… you know just sayin…. people might have something else to harp on about you doing ‘wrong’ :P

    • Bren

      Somebody needs to stop telling others what they didn’t or shouldn’t do. You need a beer, or to get laid David.

      • Baldur

        Amen, sister.

        • Jake Moulton

          Some people don’t realise that he’s joking around, please read the last sentence again

          • David Pickles

            wow thanks jake ! It sure is nice to see another intelligent person who reads everything before being a judgemental hipster faggot loving ass humping douchebag wannabe comedian. Cos it’s hip to tell someone to get laid when he just fucked that hipsters mother/sister/ (of legal age and not in the ground ) so much she gives him a biscuit and beer, oh sorry gotta go beer time !

            also the irony of me saying ‘harp on’ and then the fuckwads show up to attempt some form of humorous trolling, which is neither wanted/needed or even appropriate considering the context of this ‘als’

            congrats guys durex has sent out an apology letter to your parents for the defective product..

        • David Pickles

          the high priestess wishes to convey her disapointment in you for breaking the vow of silence, you will have to do a trillion hail mary’s naked while wrapped in barbed wire. with a cactus shoved up your ass.


      • aj87

        Some people like david are just born pricks getting laid won’t change that.

        • David Pickles

          no everyone is born as an asshole but some people like me become a human being.. others like you just stay like that…

          • aj87

            When people are born they have no opinions because they kids you develop your mindset in young live and we can all see you have developed the mindset of prick.

          • David Pickles

            as have you, bren and anyone else agreeing with you and bren.. btw way to take things to a new level of stupid learn to read english and the use of emotes ;)

          • aj87

            Am still getting that your a prick. Sorry PRICK!!!!!!!!!! ;) also I have not said anything about your comment so you need to read what I wrote which is basically call you a prick.

      • David Pickles

        preach what you teach..

        and is the nun pic ment to be ironic considering your antisemitic views ?

        • Bren

          I think you’re mistaking me for somebody who gives a shit. And just for your information, I’m definitely NOT anti-semitic How you could make that utterly incorrect assertion, based on fcuk all knowledge and evidence is just another insight of your judgemental character. If you are looking back on my previous posts you should take into consideration that while some of them are well argued, reasoned points in discussions way above your ability to engage in, at other times I just post outrageous things to fcuk up idiot’s heads, like I am doing this time.
          Finally David I’ve left out some punctuation in this post to make you happy.

          • David Pickles

            yeah someone who doesn’t give a shit posts more inane retarded drivel in a stupid attempt to be the ‘bigger’ person when after all you’re the one who can’t understand english or what i was saying… also you have a picture of nun who the fuck does that ?

          • Bren

            Someone who can’t use Capital letters, or construct a sentence with punctuation, telling another he can’t understand English. The picture is a man dressed as a nun giving the a one finger ‘Up You’ salute. In this case it’s a pretty good signal to you so go fuck yourself Guest. Someone who hasn’t the balls to use his/her name.

          • Bren

            Interesting isn’t it that when a response is given, written in a way that shows a much higher level of education and use of language, the scream back is often “yeah you cant understand English” usually all in lower case.

          • David Pickles

            Well ‘guests’ remove their name from the comments when they click delete when people act like bigger limper sackless pricks than the so called prick they are trying to lord it over, when they made a simple comment with no malice or offense just an opinion… and you and a few others seem to jump on the troll bandwagon for no reason…

          • Bren

            I can assure you my prick is neither limp or sackless, although why it’s on your mind is another question to ask yourself. Have you spent a week with that criticism burning until you came up with that weakarsed response?
            Also, as far as a reason goes. I just like taking pompous gobshites down a peg or two. If you can recall, your original post was about telling somebody (JC) what he should do.
            You are boring me, and the rest of the internet now, with all this. Please go back to fapping over Top Gear videos now and fucking grow up.

          • David Pickles

            you think too highly of yourself, if anything you the one losing pegs..
            i figured you’d be mature and just shut the fuck up and so i forgot to check my discuss page, you know cos i have a life to live and don’t give a shit when some fuck wit thinks he’s funny or clever when he isn’t anywhere close to being so.

            yes i’m boring you… pfft listen to yourself once in awhile, as you are talking out of your ass dude… like a pompous gobshite if you will full of self importance and self adulation if ever i heard it…

            you need a life bro if this is how you have fun… pathetic…

    • Philip Bolly


      • David Pickles

        Jokes on you fuckwit

        I have no kids and i can use a caps lock properly…see the little light comes on when it’s active… press it again and it goes off so you can make an intelligent , classy looking comment, instead of coming across like a shouty big mouth shitwad.

        • Philip Bolly

          mmmmmmmmmmm im tellin your mum

          • David Pickles

            knock yourself out..

          • David Pickles


  • rach

    Its for mnd awareness not mcmillan

    • moxie2386

      YES!!! This has been driving me nuts.

  • scott

    haha total legend :)

  • Waldo Uribe Fache

    Hahahaha Clarkson is awesome!

  • FreqMod

    Haha!! That was brilliant.

  • Mats Lindblad

    Love the moment when he realizes what’s about to happen. :)

  • Guillermo G Rebollar

    This is priceless

  • JonasTone

    By far the most amazing one that i have seen lol


    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MUTHAFUCKEEEEEEERZZZ HHHH

  • Alyce Margaret

    Good Job Jeremy. The ending was bloody hilarious.

  • Sarah Anne Roberts


  • Maria Olsen

    That last part… Made my day! XD