What Are the Best Motorcycles to Buy?

Looking for the best motorcycle to buy? We have rounded up the top 5 of the most popular beginner motorcycles for each category of rider, and 5 essential things to look out for when you get those want ads for new bikes.

As a motorbike enthusiast and moto vlogger, I am often asked questions by beginner motorbike riders about the type of bike to buy. There is no shortage of information available on the internet to assist in making your decision, but it can be hard knowing which information is reliable and which isn’t. Here are my top 5 suggestions for beginner motorbike riders.

First of all, many beginner motorbike riders simply do not have a great understanding of what they need to know when they are starting out in the sport. Some people start out on simple motorcycles and slowly progress to more sophisticated machines, but the truth is that each type of bike has its own unique set of characteristics and performance, and this is why it’s so important to learn the basics when you are looking to buy a bike for yourself.

For beginner motorbike riders, it’s important to choose a bike that is easy to ride and one that you are comfortable with riding in general. Ideally, you want a motorcycle that has a reasonably low profile, easy to drive, comfortable seat, easy gear changes, reliable brakes, comfortable suspension, and a decent engine.

It’s also very important that the bike you choose is suited to the rider’s abilities, and you should never go into a bike dealership thinking that a bike that looks great will perform well. It’s always a good idea to learn about the different styles of motorcycles before buying, and be sure to ask questions about the various parts, such as engines and suspensions so you are clear about the different performance levels and different things that make a bike perform well or badly.

The most important thing to remember for beginner motorbike riders is that they will eventually grow out of their bikes and begin to ride more complex machines, and become more experienced. Once you reach the stage where you can afford to buy a more expensive, high-end machine and don’t need to be an experienced rider in order to ride it, you can then start to add more advanced features, such as suspension and a powerful engine.

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