Car Accessories

Car accessories enhance a vehicle’s functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. From simple seat cushions to fully functional hood ornaments – some accessories serve practical uses while others simply look nicer!

If you find yourself dropping drive-through fries and receipts between your seats, grab this affordable bestseller (as seen on Shark Tank) to fill gaps front, around and behind your seat belt catch.

Hood ornaments

Owning a car is an immense feat and many want to customize their vehicles to reflect their personalities. One popular way of doing this is adding a hood ornament; however, these can pose serious danger to pedestrians during collisions if struck, even impaling them on impact – prompting regulations against their use in certain instances.

Hood ornaments are decorative sculptures attached to the hood of vehicles for decorative purposes. This may include logos of car manufacturers or figures representing specific themes; others even represent works of art like 1924 Citroen 5CV’s ornament. Some hood ornaments serve only as fun additions; others can even serve as works of art themselves!

In the early 1920s, hood ornaments quickly became fashionable on all types of cars. Some were made of brass or zinc; others featured cast bronze with chrome plating finishes; while some even bore designs by famous artists like Rene Lalique who was well-known for his Art Nouveau jewelry and perfume bottles.

Car bras

Car bras are classic car accessories designed to protect the front end from damage, covering both grille and bumper in order to deflect rocks, bug splatters, road debris, rocks that fly up off of highways as you drive, deflecting any rocks that hit directly against them; these small objects could otherwise cause serious harm such as dinging the grille or chipping of paint layers underneath; car bras can prolong resale value and enhance your enjoyment of riding in general.

Black vinyl car bras are an increasingly popular material choice; look for models equipped with UV protection to avoid sun exposure that deteriorates their vinyl. Also make sure that it fits your vehicle’s lights and fixtures; there are T-style models that extend coverage to include protection for the hood as well as full coverage options that offer optimal results. Choose a model suited to its make and year model for optimal results.

Seat gap fillers

Car seat gap fillers help keep your vehicle organized by closing off any spaces between your front seat and console, and helping keep small items from falling through into it and becoming lost. They come in various sizes and materials; some even feature additional features like slip-proof pads or cup holders.

These accessories are an excellent solution for drivers who find themselves constantly losing items like keys, wallets, phones and credit cards in between their seat and console. Available at any auto store and as great additions to your vehicle.

Dependent upon the size and type of gap in your car, there are various kinds of gap fillers you can choose from to fill it: foam or plastic. Foam provides simple yet cost-effective fillers while plastic ones tend to last longer while providing more storage space than foam and being easier to wipe clean; some even feature multiple compartments to store coins and wallets!

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