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Get a Job in the Auto Parts Industry

Getting a job in the auto parts industry can be a great way to make money and learn more about the automotive industry. You can get a job in this industry by working at AutoZone, Napa Auto Parts, or Advance Auto Parts. You can also learn about the salary ranges and career opportunities in the industry.

Salary ranges for auto parts salesmen

Depending on their position, auto parts salesmen can earn a variety of salary ranges. Some positions earn salaries that are well above the national average, while others pay below the average. These salaries vary greatly, depending on the location and job description.

Most auto parts salesmen are required to have a high school diploma. In addition to this, they will need to be able to read small print on computer screens and carry heavy parts. While not necessarily a requirement, some positions have post-secondary certificate programs.

The average total salary for a Parts Salesperson is $44,000 per year. This includes taxable wages, tips, and bonuses. The top earners earn $41,500 per year.

Some parts salesmen will even earn a bonus, which represents 9% of their salary. Typically, these bonuses are given to employees who have a high number of customers or who have completed certain tasks.

The most common parts salesman duties include asking customers the right questions, locating the appropriate auto part for their vehicle, and explaining the advantages of certain products. Most of the time, the job requires the employee to be on their feet for most of the day.

Advance Auto Parts vs. AutoZone

Whether you’re looking for new car parts or auto repair tools, Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are the two leading providers. Both offer a variety of recognizable brands on sale and a wide range of services for customers. However, the two companies differ in many ways, and it may be hard to decide which is best.

AutoZone is a retail chain with more than 4,800 locations throughout North America and Canada. It offers a large selection of auto parts, but it is more focused on do-it-yourselfers than on experts. Its stores are open to the public, and they carry all major brands.

On the other hand, Advance Auto Parts is a specialized retailer that serves cars with eight to twelve years of age. They sell original equipment from manufacturers, as well as a wide variety of private-labels and national brands.

Advance Auto has a number of perks for its members, including free shipping when they spend $35 or more. They also offer a $5 discount on each purchase. You can also use their mobile app to order and receive free reward points on every purchase.

Napa Auto Parts vs. O’Reilly Auto Parts

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a weekend mechanic, or simply looking for the best prices on car parts, you’re probably familiar with the two main auto parts retailers: O’Reilly and NAPA. They both offer a wide variety of parts and accessories, and they both offer a solid customer service experience.

Both companies offer free shipping for in-store purchases, although they don’t ship oil and batteries. Both also offer online shopping. However, you can’t return items you buy online at NAPA’s AutoCare Centers.

Although there are a few similarities, these two companies differ in size, quality, and overall customer experience. NAPA is one of the bigger players in the industry, and it has a reputation for providing quality parts and service. While they have a higher ratio of four-star reviews, they still fall short of O’Reilly on many fronts.

The largest advantage O’Reilly has over NAPA is its selection. While there are several NAPA-branded parts available, they are mainly second-line MOOG or TRW parts.

Career opportunities in the auto parts industry

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, the auto parts industry offers a wide variety of career options. You can find jobs in dealerships, mechanics, or even the distribution side of the industry. These careers allow you to work with people, work with vehicles, and utilize a wide variety of technology.

Regardless of which automotive career path you choose, you will need a wide variety of skills and certifications. You can advance your career by training or taking a class at a designated school. Getting certified is a good way to increase your salary.

If you’re interested in the sales side of the automotive business, you might consider becoming an Auto Parts Specialist. A specialist’s job entails working with clients to recommend parts for their cars. A specialist can earn an average salary of $42,900 per year in Canada. In more senior positions, the salary can reach $57,500.

The Automotive Aftermarket is a growing industry. This is due to the fact that vehicle usage has increased over the past few years. A part of the aftermarket industry includes large multi-national corporations, small entrepreneurial businesses, and a variety of other businesses. In the United States, the market for automotive aftermarket products is estimated to be $265 billion U.S. dollars.

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