How Bike Accessories Can Make a Difference

Some riders can get by with minimal gear, while others find the right bike accessories can make a significant difference to their experience and riding distances. Accessories may be practical or stylish and help propel riders further and faster.

Kids love playing cops with this attachable police siren that lights up and sounds just like the real thing! Plus it comes complete with different hat options and even has an emergency stop button! Kids will enjoy using it to simulate real police work!

Safety Helmet

Undoubtedly, the safety helmet is one of the most essential pieces of personal protective equipment available. Finding one that fits you comfortably and ideally will protect your head is key.

Hard shell helmets provide impact protection while an inner harness absorbs shocks, fitting snugly over a wearer’s head with an adjustable chin strap to keep the helmet secure. Additional protective options may also include hearing protection, corrosion and temperature regulation features.

Make your helmet smart by using the e-ink technology to display safety info with just one tap of your smartphone. In addition, this display will also provide information regarding its current date and time as well as enabling tracking on Strava with its built-in GPS device.

LED Lights

LED lights produce very bright illumination with minimal energy use, emitting uniform brightness that’s easier for cyclists to see than conventional incandescent or halogen bulbs, remaining cool to touch, and require far less maintenance than filament-type filament bulbs.

Lumens is an SI unit for luminous flux (light output), weighted according to human eye sensitivity to various colors of light. Some front bike lights comply with StVZO regulations by featuring cleverly designed optics that direct maximum light where needed without blinding other road users.

Kids will adore this skull-shaped LED bike light set that fits onto valve caps and features flashing and steady modes, as well as a horn functionality for some pretend play fun! It features flashing modes as well as steady mode, making this bike light set both safe and educational!


Bicycles may be beautiful pieces of equipment, but to use and enjoy them properly they require essential accessories that improve both functionality and style. Not only will these accessories improve safety and functionality but can add flair to your ride!

Fenders help keep riders clean by collecting and redirecting road spray emitted by tires, keeping the rider dry. Available in different materials and styles – steel provides strength while aluminum helps improve fuel economy – these fenders come in various styles that keep riders comfortable.

Cone fenders created from molded rubber are among the latest innovations. Similar to stationary pier mooring fenders, these newfangled cone fenders reduce shear resistance for reduced ship hull pressure while still offering superior energy absorption capacity.


Mirrors are devices designed to reflect light according to the laws of reflection. Mirrors have many applications in human-machine interactions such as rearview mirrors in cars, dentist’s mirrors and security systems in buildings or around homes; as well as in optical and scientific apparatus such as telescopes, lasers and periscopes.

Producing a plain mirror requires many processes, techniques and skills. Decorative mirrors may feature intricate beveling techniques or elaborately carved bevels with bevelings, etchings or multiple facets and ornate frames; decorative mirrors may be ordered for special events or simply to add an artistic touch to a room.

China was home to the initial metal coated glass mirror invention around 500 AD, using mercury coating, which eventually spread throughout Europe and became famously manufactured in Venice. Justus von Liebig later devised an effective yet less hazardous silver solution.


Europe and other parts of the world bicycles often come equipped with bells. Lezyne is one of the top suppliers of bike accessories, producing products like bottle cages, inflation tools and bells that look good while serving their purpose well – such as their classic brass bell that works on all handlebar sizes while producing a high-pitched sound.

There are also bells designed to take up minimal space on handlebars, from bells that integrate directly with frames to clip-on bells that attach directly onto brake lever hoods or cable housing mounts or flat bar levers or bar bags – such as Spurcycle vintage bell’s beautiful retro aesthetic while providing loud, long-distance tones.

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