Car Accessories For Your Audi

Adorning your car with accessories reflects both your refined tastes and sense of style. From sunshades to bike racks, the right accessories can turn it into an Audi uniquely your own.

Audi parts offer precise fitting and are engineered to the highest engineering standards for maximum performance, keeping your warranty intact in the process.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Your interior deserves protection from water, mud and road salt with these all-weather floor mats from Buick. Their deep-sculpted channel design traps water from roadsalt, mud snow or dirt to help keep carpeting dry while keeping water off of carpeting – not to mention being custom fitted to fit perfectly with your vehicle and featuring a front mat featuring its logo!

Wirecutter reports that floor mats are typically composed of rubber or carpet and less expensive than liners; additionally they may be customized by color or embroidery for personalization purposes.

Floor liners, on the other hand, are customized specifically to your car and feature lips or walls to trap debris. According to Car and Driver, this type of mat is best suited for families who experience frequent rain or winter weather conditions.


Sunshades, also referred to as windshield or sun car shades, help maintain cooler interior temperatures for driver and passengers during hot summer days. Constructed from reflective or metallic materials that reflect heat away from interior components while also protecting from UV ray damage, sunshades provide more comfortable temperatures inside vehicles and help protect dashboards from premature wear.

Sunshades for both front and rear passenger windows can fold compactly when not in use, and come equipped with pouches to make storage even simpler. Audi Genuine Accessories offer practical transportation solutions like roof boxes to carry bikes, kayaks and more safely; as well as ski racks to make journeys effortless.

Bluetooth(r) Hands-Free Kit

A Bluetooth hands-free kit converts your car’s factory radio into a wireless speakerphone, enabling you to take calls without touching your phone. They connect via 3.5mm AUX input on smartphones and route audio through speakers located throughout your car’s cabin.

Your stereo receiver and phone must also support Bluetooth technology; stereos typically list compatible protocols under their “Details” tab, and will require that their respective phones support those same protocols as well.

Bluetooth hands-free kits such as the Parrot MKi 9200 hands-free car kit provide cutting-edge telephony features like automatic synchronisation of phonebook entries and training-free double microphone voice recognition and text-to-voice. This integration kit features a 2.4″ color display with wireless remote control for placement either on steering wheel or dashboard – installation services available onsite!

Roadside Assistance Kit

One of the essential accessories for any driver is a roadside assistance kit, an emergency kit containing jumper cables to jumpstart dead batteries, reflective safety triangles to alert other drivers when needed, headlamps for walking along side roads at nighttime, gloves, multitools and first aid items such as band-aids.

Planning a road trip this summer? An Audi roof box or cargo carrier makes transporting bulky equipment like bikes and kayaks much simpler. There are also practical storage solutions for interior storage like cargo organizers; paintwork protective films help keep your car looking its best; while Audi-specific tyres and wheels offer maximum durability and safety.

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