Motorcycle Repair Basics

Motorcycles are relatively easy machines to repair compared to cars. The components are all readily available and are generally easy to disassemble. A set of metric wrenches and allen keys can disassemble the entire bike. Likewise, a simple oil change can be done on a motorcycle from a chair. If you’re unsure of how to repair a motorcycle, consider consulting a mechanic. They can show you the best methods to repair your motorcycle.

Oil change: Your motorcycle needs oil changes on a regular basis. The best time to change it is after several thousand miles, when the engine is warm. Warming up will reduce the viscosity of the oil, which makes it easier to drain. Remove the oil fill plug and drain plug. You may need to remove the fairing to access them. Discard the old oil or recycle it at a municipal facility. Motorcycle owners should follow these steps to keep their motorcycles running at peak performance.

Regular chain maintenance is also important. Most motorcycle chains are O-ring sealed, which means they require less maintenance. But you should still clean the chain once in a while. To do so, lift the rear wheel, put the bike in neutral, and use a brush with a soft bristle. While you’re cleaning the chain, rotate the back wheel to apply chain lube to it. This helps the lube penetrate past the O-rings.

Motorcycle service technicians are often the first to notice problems on a motorcycle. The skill sets of these professionals are invaluable. Performing motorcycle repairs requires dexterity and a desire to learn more. In addition to their specialized skills, they also enjoy challenging situations. A motorcycle service technician should always be prepared for this. However, if you don’t feel confident with your own skills, consider consulting a professional. Most mechanics prefer to do the work themselves, but there are plenty of places where motorcycle service technicians can make a living.

Tires are an important part of a bike’s overall performance. A worn-out tire can be dangerous. Before riding, look for worn tire tread. If it’s hard or cracked, it’s time to get a new tire. Tires should be checked at least every three thousand miles, depending on the type of bike. Changing a tire is an expensive affair. Typical motorcycle tires cost anywhere from $200 to $500. Don’t ignore a single detail!

The best bike repair shops will have a good reputation within their community. Often, they are active in local motorcycle organizations. These bike shop owners have become renowned for their expertise in repairing bikes and their knowledge of the motorcycle culture. This type of shop will generate a high percentage of its business through word of mouth. To generate more sales, you need to develop a presence on social media. Advertising in motorcycle magazines and online registries can also work wonders.

Checking the oil level is a simple task, and the process is quicker on a bike than a car. Simply get the bike standing up on a stand and kneel down to inspect the porthole located in the crankcase. The level should be between the lines. If it’s lower, you’ll have to pay the shop less. Then, clean and replace the oil filter and brake pads. Once you’ve done these simple tasks, it’s time to start repairing your bike.

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