The Best Motor Bikes to Ride This Year

Since major shows and public launches were cancelled due to pandemic concerns, manufacturers had additional time this year to improve and update their products. Here’s our selection of the top motor bikes to ride this year.

This bike proves that bigger isn’t always better. Featuring a three-cylinder engine that’s both gutsy and smooth, combined with a superb chassis.


The BMW GS stands alone as the undisputed champion of ADV bikes – an ADV class it helped pioneer. Contrary to popular opinion, conventional wisdom says that flat-twin boxer engines don’t belong off road – yet the BMW GS continues to disprove this belief time after time. The latest version of its air/oil cooled twin engine produces 136hp with impressive torque thanks to BMW’s ShiftCam variable valve timing system.

BMW added an exciting four-cylinder model to its GS lineup for 2022, offering the best of both worlds – sport bike riding dynamics combined with ergonomics and styling of the GS lineup for an unmatched ride experience. Meanwhile, Indian’s brand new Scout full-size tourer provides another viable option.

Harley-Davidson Pan America

Harley may have come late to the adventure bike party, but its highly successful Pan America proves they’ve brought serious firepower. A capable and polished ride that could rival other top contenders like BMW GS, KTM Multistrada or Yamaha Super Adventure models.

Showa suspension gives the Pan America optimal performance whether used solely for canyon-carving or fully loaded with cases and passenger. Adaptive Ride Height adjusts spring preload in both front and rear for optimal suspension sag – an invaluable feature when dealing with riders who have varied payloads.

Revolution Max engine is one of the best in its class, producing smooth and tractable power when needed most. Six-speed transmission and engine braking modes give riders options for customizing power and handling while Pan America comes complete with all of the electrical protections and utilities you would expect in an ADV bike.

Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 bikes remain formidable performers despite their age, with powerful mid-displacement engines, good power-to-weight ratios and confident handling on both tarmac and dirt tracks. No wonder it won eight World Supersport Championships while garnering such an enthusiastic following!

The R6 is powered by an impressive 599cc engine that will swiftly take you from zero to 165mph within minutes. Featuring an ideal compression ratio, lightweight forged pistons and titanium valves; this beast of an engine offers incredible performance.

Many riders argue that the R6 is more “track-ready” than any other 600cc class bike; however, it should be remembered that controlling an R6 requires both skill and experience.

Triumph Trident 660

Triumph’s Trident 660 roadster marks their entry point into their roadster range, serving as an exciting middleweight option similar to Yamaha MT-07 and Kawasaki Z650 models. Utilizing an entirely unique tubular steel frame from their Street Triple range and featuring Showa’s branded inverted fork and preload-adjustable monoshock, the Trident 660 fits neatly into this exciting market segment.

Weighting just shy of 5000 pounds, its lightness reveals itself when taking corners. Nissin two-piston slide brake calipers deliver plenty of power with good feel on its two 310mm front brakes; an instrument cluster features full digital display and can even accommodate the My Triumph Connectivity System accessory module for turn-by-turn navigation, phone, and GoPro control via Bluetooth connectivity. All switchgear can be found conveniently placed along the left hand side of its handlebar for ease of access; making this bike perfect for beginners or anyone seeking an affordable upgrade on their current bike!

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